Hello, I’m A’DAM – the big tower behind Amsterdam’s Central Station, and the one beside the spaceship-like EYE Film Institute. I’m a building of 22 stories, with many more to tell.

I can see everything: from Amsterdam’s historic centre, to its bustling port and the vast  polder landscape. I can even spot your house from here. I’ll be able to share this breathtaking 360° view from my observation deck from May 2016. I’ll also host several cool bars and restaurants, and a bunch of pioneering music companies. Expect no sleep as I’ll be open day and night, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.


A’DAM Toren is the new name for ‘Toren Overhoeks’. The tower was designed by the architect Arthur Staal as a commission by Royal Dutch Shell. In fact, the tower is also affectionately known as the ‘Shelltoren’ by many Amsterdammers. It was officially opened in 1971, and was home to the multinational oil company until 2009.
The brand name A’DAM also stands for ‘Amsterdam Dance and Music’, which reflects the business of the owners and main tenants: ID&T, AIR Events and MassiveMusic.
Staal designed the office tower at 45° to the IJ waterfront. This diagonal position (‘overhoeks’ in Dutch) gave the building its first name – and, in fact, informs much of A’DAM’s edgy, innovative and surprising personality.
A’DAM finished a massive renovation and has been transformed into an iconic multifunctional tower. It is now a home to a mix of offices, cafés, restaurants, a hotel, an observation point and a revolving restaurant. A’DAM opened in May 2016.



I am a tower of many talents. A place where one can eat, work, rave, sleep. Repeat. I house a spectacular observation deck, a hotel, a daring nightclub and several top-notch restaurants and bars. In case I forget, my 19th Floor will spin right round (like a record baby).

Sandwiched between the attractions I house the cuttingedge homes of ID&T,  MassiveMusic, Gibson, Sony Music and a medley of young creative companies with a passion for  music. I’m a dynamic hub that breeds interaction and collaboration. An environment  where creativity can flourish, and where nobody is in a hurry to go home.



A’DAM is the textbook example of ‘the new redevelopment’ with the four partners not only investing in the tower, but also being closely involved as tenants/users. As owners of the building, they see their role not simply as property developers but creative place-makers.

A’DAM is the iconic tower that many Amsterdammers immediately recognise as part of their city. It’s a catalyst for the regeneration of the Overhoeks area – and Amsterdam North is becoming a definitive part of the city. Not long ago, the New York Times called the region the “red-hot art neighbourhood” and Amsterdam’s new creative centre.

Building philosophy

The (re)development of A’DAM was a unique transformation project and the perfect example of the rezoning of empty office space. Originally the tower was a mono-functional office tower for 400 employees, A’DAM is transformed into a multi-functional building visited by 3000 people on a daily basis.
The redevelopment respected the original vision and architecture of Arthur Staal. The characteristic trichotomy of the dark hull on white legs and the twisted white crown remained integral features of the tower. The design by Claus & Van Wageningen Architects added the following features:
  • Replacement of the existing shed by a diagonal accessible panorama deck.
  • Addition of a transparent round volume under the shed with a rotating restaurant amongst others.
  • Replacement of the existing façade with a similar concrete look & feel but with larger and transparent windows.
  • Addition of a transparent space under the legs (in between the tower and the plinth building) for creative event space.
  • Reconstruction of the existing plinth building in the original architecture with two lobbies for all users and visitors.
  • On top of the plinth a small pavilion and rooftop terrace will be build, hosting a Biergarten.
  • Addition of an extra underground room for event, clubbing, symposia and exposition purposes.
  • Addition of a public underground parking area or approx. 200 cars under the square between the tower and ‘Grootlab’.
  • Making the building sustainable by isolating the façades and roofs, the usage of warmth and cold from the soil and the application of energy efficient installations.
  • All (building) partners consider sustainability of great importance.



I began my 21st century makeover in July 2014. The outdated, drab and cramped spaces of my 1970s interior made way for a more contemporary, stylish and sustainable design. It was more reinvention than regeneration. Bowie rather than botox. And, don’t worry, my celebrated modernist complexion (as created by Arthur Staal) survived the facelift.


  • 2005: Sander Groet develops the idea for an observation deck in Amsterdam
  • 2008: Due to the Global Financial Crisis the idea of an observation deck is rejected
  • December 2011: Sander approaches Duncan Stutterheim for a possible pitch on the redevelopment of ‘Toren Overhoeks’
  • April 2012: Duncan, Sander, Hans Brouwer & Lingotto pitch their idea for the re-development
  • October 2012: out of 37 participants and 5 finalists, we win the pitch!
  • May 2012: The Toren night/social-club temporarily opens its doors
  • November 2013: Definitive design by Claus & Van Wageningen Architects together with OeverZaaier Architects
  • August 2013: The Stone Twins announced as Creative Directors and Brand Consultants for A’DAM
  • March 2014: J.P. van Eesteren announced as building partner
  • May 2014: building permit issued
  • June 2014: TANK announced as the interior designers for 360 (revolving restaurant), A’DAM&Co. (members’ club), The LOFT (function room) and Massive Music HQ.
  • June 2014: NorthernLight announced as experience designers for A’DAM LOOKOUT
  • July 2014: The tower is ours and start of reconstruction work
  • September 2014: Sir Adam announced as the boutique hotel for A’DAM. ICRAVE will do the interior design.
  • September 2014: NEXT Architects announced as the interior designers for A’DAM Works (flex work offices)
  • September 2014: The tower’s characteristic ‘Crown’ is removed. Official announcement by the Lord Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan.
  • December 2014: A’DAM fully naked
  • January 2015: New facade coming up
  • April 2015: Placing of new crown
  • April 2015: Gibson becomes tenant and sound partner of A’DAM
  • 13th June 2015: Dag van de Bouw (Construction day)
  • 20th/21st of June 2015: Dag van de Architectuur (Day of Architecture)
  • 19th–23rd August 2015: A’DAM will welcome the tall ships at Sail
  • 16th September 2015: WINK announced as new tenant
  • 26th October 2015: Highest Point Celebration
  • 24th November 2015: Rabobank announced as Brand Partner
  • 25th December 2015: Christmas Day
  • 7th April 2016: Heineken announced as Brand Partner
  • 21st April 2016: KLM announced as Brand Partner
  • 2nd May 2016: MassiveMusic move into 15th Floor
  • 2nd May 2016: Wink move into 8th Floor
  • 2nd May 2016: A’DAM Works – on 8th & 9th Floors – open for business.
  • 14th May 2016: LOOKOUT opens
  • 14th May 2016: Madam opens
  • 20th May 2016: Moon opens
  • 1st June 2016: Gibson moves in
  • 24th of August 2016: Mayor Eberhard van der Laan opens Over the Edge: Europe’s highest swing
  • Septembern 2016: Shelter opens
  • Winter 2016: ID&T moves in
  • 16th of February 2017: Sir Adam opens
  • April 2017: Sony Music moves in



My crown contains an observation deck with an unrivalled panoramic view of Amsterdam. You’ll see the city’s historical centre, its pulsating port, the unique Dutch polder landscape and, if you’re lucky, you might even spot the Lord Mayor on his bicycle. Complementing the experience there is a state-of-the-art interactive exhibition about Amsterdam’s history and culture.

In addition, I’ll also have a giant swing: Over the Edge! Europe’s highest swing sends thrill-seekers and dare devils, flying back and forth over my edge. After all, it’s called LOOKOUT for a reason.

For further information,
please contact:



Allow me to introduce Madam, the panorama bar and restaurant located on the 20th Floor. During the day, this swanky setting is part of the LOOKOUT experience. But as soon as the sun goes down, the music goes up – and Madam is transformed into Amsterdam’s highest nightclub, and a haven for nocturnal delights.

Guests are able to savour stellar cocktails, an extensive à la carte menu and, of course, a stunning view of Amsterdam. Madam is the only bar in town where it’s OK to stare out the window.



Moon is the name of the revolving rooftop restaurant located on my 19th Floor. It rotates once every hour, providing a truly unique dining experience with an amazing 360˚ panorama of Amsterdam. The menu promises re-imagined classics and bold new mixes, with an emphasis on seasonality, nourishment and fresh local products. And that’s not just the DJs.

Hungry for more information?



My 18th Floor the home of A’DAM&Co., an inclusive members’ club. It boasts a luxurious setting & a spectacular rooftop terrace with an unrivalled 360˚ view of Amsterdam. However, it’s the club members that define A’DAM&Co. A community of creative minds, entrepreneurs & change-makers. Left-brains & right-brains with a passion for collaboration. Whether that’s mixing business & pleasure, dubstep & classical, or sneakers & suits. Anything, except whisky & ice.

Membership of A’DAM&Co. is by recommendation only. So please be nice. You never know who is recruiting.

For further information,
please contact Lillian Bennink:



The Loft is the name of my deluxe penthouse on the 16th and 17th Floor. The double-level space is airy, homely and inviting with floor-to-ceiling windows, that showcase expansive city views of Amsterdam.

Importantly, the contemporary design of the Loft allows for complete versatility. On the one hand, it is ideal for hosting corporate or private functions (for up to 225 guests), and on the other hand, it is the perfect private sanctuary. Complete with an open kitchen and two luxuriously dressed bedrooms, the Loft is pitch-perfect for A-list celebrities and their egos.

Still curious?



On the 17th Floor, I have a suite of four stylish contemporary meeting-rooms for hire. We have room for 10 to 25 people – and offer an inspirational atmosphere with jaw-dropping views of Amsterdam’s skyline, which is simply perfect for blue-sky thinking.

All rooms are equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities (and yes, we have VGA cables) expected for presentations, conference calls and barmy brainstorm sessions. They also offer options for private dinner parties, courtesy of a collaboration with restaurant Moon.

if you’d like to know more, please contact: events@adamtoren.nl



A’DAM is an open environment for open minds, particularly those in the creative and music industries. A place where ideas, and the coffee, are always fresh – and where inspirational quotes spring from mouths not walls.

A cluster of independent companies (who all share the same levels of entrepreneurship, passion and oxygen) have checked in, and they are creating ripples from Amsterdam to Zama.

ID&T ( 13th & 14th Floor)

ID&T is a pioneering electronic music experience company. Working with the world’s most talented and innovative DJs, musicians, creatives and artists, it creates dance events under the motto ‘Celebrate Life’. ID&T’s goals are to spread joy, have fun and share ideas with tomorrow’s generation.


Sony Music Entertainment (11th & 12th Floor)

Sony Music Entertainment is part of one of the largest music and entertainment groups in the world. Sony Music Entertainment has contracted international superstars as Calvin Harris, Beyoncé, One Direction, Pharrell Williams, Kygo, Pitbull, Mark Ronson, Sia, Zara Larsson and many national artists as Maaike Ouboter, Call It Off, Mr. Probz and Yung Internet. In addition, they are the industry-leading company in the field of streaming services, where innovation and analytics provide the basis for a growing market.


WINK (8th Floor)

Wink is an international creative event, communication and design agency. As experience architects, Wink sees events as a powerful communication tool to build and communicate brand identities. Though rooted in art, rock ‘n’ roll and raves, the company has twenty years of experience creating memorable corporate events, experiences and environments.


MassiveMusic (15th Floor)

MassiveMusic is an award-winning international music agency. MassiveMusic produces and composes music for the worlds of advertising, broadcast design, interactive and brands. It also develops sonic branding and music strategies for global companies, provides music search and licensing services, creates innovative music activations and scouts new talent. MassiveMusic is proud to have sprinkled its melodic magic on many of the world’s biggest brands.


Gibson (10th Floor)

Gibson Brands, Inc. is the fastest-growing company in the music and sound industries. Founded in 1894, the company has a portfolio of well-recognized brand names starting with the #1 guitar brand, Gibson. Other instrument brands include Epiphone, Philips, KRK Systems, Stanton, Cerwin-Vega, Neat Microphones and many more. All Gibson Brands are dedicated to bringing the finest experiences to consumers by offering the most exceptional musical instruments, consumer electronics and professional audio.
www.gibson.com / www.gibsoninnovations.com


A’DAM Works (8th & 9th Floors)

Confirmed Tenants: Entertainment MattersLingottoRabobank AmsterdamSchipper Legal, School Of House, Six Senses, The Stone Twins, Thunderplugs, Knops, Artist Capitol, No risk, Katzenklub.
For further information,
please contact Monique Cruijff:



Sir Adam is the name of the urban luxury boutique hotel on my first eight floors. Here discerning lifestyle travellers, locals and neighbours can stay in a stylish and captivating environment. The hotel provides an integrated lifestyle experience with 108 guest rooms and creative spaces offering breathtaking views over Amsterdam.

It’s worth noting that the elusive Sir Adam, music impresario and hospitality-king, kindly opened his doors to the public in February 2017. So one can delight at ‘The Butcher Social Club’ (featuring a stylish restaurant, a riverside terrace and destination bar), ‘The BeerGarden’ and a gym class by Fresh Fitness. Amazingly, this welcoming space is open 24/7.



Shelter is the name of my subterranean nightclub. I could describe its industrial-chic interior, its distressed thick concrete walls (that compliment the amazing sound system and acoustics) or the fact, that this vast cavernous space is also be available for cultural exhibitions. But no, such boasts are irrelevant. After all, any mind blowing nightclub is in the hands of the program, the DJs and you: the crowd.

A’DAM Music School


Let me proudly introduce A’DAM Music School! This non-profit initiative caters to boys and girls who simply love making music, and have the ambition to steal not only the spotlight but people’s hearts as well. We collaborate with music schools, production houses, coaches and artists, all having been specially selected based on the talent they can share with our students.


The program is focused on making music together, inspiring each other and combining the merits of the Do-Re-Mi with the Ga-Ga. Each student has his or her own sponsor, and the first students joined our program in September 2015. In fact, they’ve already stolen our hearts. Next stop – the charts!


Wanna learn more?
Please contact
Renée van Dongen



Three of my sidekicks – Sander Groet, Duncan Stutterheim and Hans Brouwer – are world-renowned in the music industry, and with their respective companies relocated in my office space.

With this trio at the helm, music is literally pumping through me. I am the life and soul of the party, the beating pulse of Amsterdam and set the rhythm for the creative industries. And even though, it’s my business to make some noise, I promise not to annoy the neighbours.

Let me introduce…

Sander Groet

Sander Groet is co-owner of Club Air. In addition, Sander is the brains and initiator behind several large dance events and festivals including Mysteryland, Milkshake, Amsterdam Open AIR, Buiten Westen and Valhalla. Since 2012, Sander has been the driving force behind the A’DAM Toren, and totally focussed on realising his boyhood dream of an iconic observation deck in Amsterdam.


Duncan Stutterheim

Duncan Stutterheim was the face of ID&T (a pioneering electronic music experience company founded in 1992) and a well-known entrepreneur in music, festivals, and dance. He has fostered many start ups where youth culture and innovation collide. His latest project is called ‘Open House’ and enables start ups in the entertainment industry to get noticed. Duncan is key partner of A’DAM.


Hans Brouwer

Hans Brouwer is the founder and CEO of MassiveMusic, a company that produces and composes music for many of the world’s biggest brands. Being an entrepreneur and musician at heart, Hans is also partner in a handful of Amsterdam clubs and restaurants, a member of the advisory board of the Metropole Orkest and ambassador for the Red Cross. In 2011, Hans was awarded the ‘Amsterdam Business Award’.



Lingotto is a property development company dedicated to transforming existing buildings into ones with a new purpose. With its unique ‘restructive approach’, Lingotto seeks tailor-made solutions for buildings in co-creation with the owners and new users. Examples include the Fabriek van Delftshaven, Huygens’dok, Kauwgomballenfabriek and De Burgemeester. Eric-Jan de Rooij is involved in the development of A’DAM on behalf of Lingotto.



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