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I am all about music, and I know just how important it is for up-and-coming musicians to be heard by the right ears. That’s why I am so excited about my Talent Sessions, a series of three intimate sessions that will showcase fresh, gifted musicians on the cusp of success over the course of a year.

Talent Sessions was born of the ambition to offer talented musicians a platform to be heard by the right audience and to provide a pool of emerging artists for those in the industry. After taking over from People’s Place, my Loft will play host to these performances, continuing under the name A’DAM Talent Sessions. I will welcome labels, scouts, audiophiles and music moguls on the hunt for raw talent to exclusive performances at one of Amsterdam’s coolest locations.

I can’t wait to share some great music with you.


The next edition of my Talent Sessions is going to rumble and swing, with Wulf, WANNABEASTAR, Tom Tukker, Drummakid and Life’s Electric are coming to jam in my Loft on the 7th of February. Each new talent will perform four songs surrounded by label managers, publishers, programmers, journalists and industry professionals.

Talent Sessions has been supported by incredible sponsors, including Eventfabriek, Sony MusicSUBURB Bookings and 3FM Serious Talent.
The music is sure to have you tapping your toes, as the line-up of each session is curated by music professionals.


Interested in attending or playing at one of my sessions?
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