A’DAM Toren is the new name for ‘Toren Overhoeks’. The tower was designed by the architect Arthur Staal as a commission by Royal Dutch Shell. In fact, the tower is also affectionately known as the ‘Shell-toren’ by many Amsterdammers. It was officially opened in 1971, and was home to the multinational oil company until 2009. The brand name A’DAM also stands for ‘Amsterdam Dance and Music’, which reflects the business of the owners and main tenants: ID&T, AIR Events and MassiveMusic.

Staal designed the office tower at 45° to the IJ waterfront. This diagonal position (‘overhoeks’ in Dutch) gave the building its first name – and, in fact, informs much of A’DAM’s edgy, innovative and surprising personality.

A’DAM finished a massive renovation and has been transformed into an iconic multifunctional tower. It is now home to a mix of offices, cafés, restaurants, a hotel, an observation point and a revolving restaurant. A’DAM opened in May 2016.



A’DAM is the textbook example of ‘the new redevelopment’ with the four partners not only investing in the tower, but also being closely involved as tenants/users. As owners of the building, they see their role not merely as property developers but creative place-makers.

A’DAM is the iconic tower that many Amsterdammers immediately recognize as part of their city. It’s a catalyst for the regeneration of the Overhoeks area – and Amsterdam North is becoming a definitive part of the city. Not long ago, the New York Times called the region the “red-hot art neighborhood” and Amsterdam’s new creative center.



I began my 21st century makeover in July 2014. The outdated, drab and cramped spaces of my 1970s interior made way for a more contemporary, stylish and sustainable design. It was more reinvention than regeneration. Bowie rather than Botox. And, don’t worry, my celebrated modernist complexion (as created by Arthur Staal) survived the facelift.


  • 2005: Sander Groet develops the idea for an observation deck in Amsterdam
  • 2008: Due to the Global Financial Crisis the idea of an observation deck is rejected
  • December 2011: Sander approaches Duncan Stutterheim for a possible pitch on the redevelopment of ‘Toren Overhoeks’
  • April 2012: Duncan, Sander, Hans Brouwer & Lingotto pitch their idea for the re-development
  • October 2012: out of 37 participants and 5 finalists, we win the pitch!
  • May 2012: The Toren night/social-club temporarily opens its doors
  • November 2013: Definitive design by Claus & Van Wageningen Architects together with OeverZaaier Architects
  • August 2013: The Stone Twins announced as Creative Directors and Brand Consultants for A’DAM
  • March 2014: J.P. van Eesteren announced as building partner
  • May 2014: building permit issued
  • June 2014: TANK announced as the interior designers for 360 (revolving restaurant), A’DAM&Co. (members’ club), The LOFT (function room) and Massive Music HQ.
  • June 2014: NorthernLight announced as experience designers for A’DAM LOOKOUT
  • July 2014: The tower is ours and start of reconstruction work
  • September 2014: Sir Adam announced as the boutique hotel for A’DAM. ICRAVE will do the interior design.
  • September 2014: NEXT Architects announced as the interior designers for A’DAM Works (flex work offices)
  • September 2014: The tower’s characteristic ‘Crown’ is removed. Official announcement by the Lord Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan.
  • December 2014: A’DAM fully naked
  • January 2015: New facade coming up
  • April 2015: Placing of new crown
  • April 2015: Gibson becomes tenant and sound partner of A’DAM
  • 13th June 2015: Dag van de Bouw (Construction day)
  • 20th/21st of June 2015: Dag van de Architectuur (Day of Architecture)
  • 19th–23rd August 2015: A’DAM will welcome the tall ships at Sail
  • 16th September 2015: WINK announced as new tenant
  • 26th October 2015: Highest Point Celebration
  • 24th November 2015: Rabobank announced as Brand Partner
  • 25th December 2015: Christmas Day
  • 7th April 2016: Heineken announced as Brand Partner
  • 21st April 2016: KLM announced as Brand Partner
  • 2nd May 2016: MassiveMusic move into 15th Floor
  • 2nd May 2016: Wink move into 8th Floor
  • 2nd May 2016: A’DAM Works – on 8th & 9th Floors – open for business.
  • 14th May 2016: LOOKOUT opens
  • 14th May 2016: Madam opens
  • 20th May 2016: Moon opens
  • 1st June 2016: Gibson moves in
  • 24th of August 2016: Mayor Eberhard van der Laan opens Over the Edge: Europe’s highest swing
  • Septembern 2016: Shelter opens
  • Winter 2016: ID&T moves in
  • 16th of February 2017: Sir Adam opens
  • April 2017: Sony Music moves in