Three of my sidekicks – Sander Groet, Duncan Stutterheim and Hans Brouwer – are world-renowned in the music industry, and with their respective companies located in my office space.

With this trio at the helm, music is literally pumping through me. I am the life and soul of the party, the beating pulse of Amsterdam and set the rhythm for the creative industries. And even though, it’s my business to make some noise, I promise not to annoy the neighbors.

Let me introduce…

Sander Groet

Sander Groet is co-owner of Club Air. In addition, Sander is the brains and initiator behind several large dance events and festivals including Mysteryland, Milkshake, Amsterdam Open AIR, Buiten Westen and Valhalla. Since 2012, Sander has been the driving force behind the A’DAM Toren, and very focused on realizing his boyhood dream of an iconic observation deck in Amsterdam.


Duncan Stutterheim

Duncan Stutterheim was the face of ID&T (a pioneering electronic music experience company founded in 1992) and a well-known entrepreneur in music, festivals, and dance. He has fostered many startups where youth culture and innovation collide. His latest project is called ‘Open House’ and enables startups in the entertainment industry to get noticed. Duncan is a key partner of A’DAM.


Hans Brouwer

Hans Brouwer is the founder and CEO of MassiveMusic, a company that produces and composes music for many of the world’s biggest brands. Being an entrepreneur and musician at heart, Hans is also partner in a handful of Amsterdam clubs and restaurants, a member of the advisory board of The Metropole Orkest and ambassador for the Red Cross. In 2011, Hans was awarded the ‘Amsterdam Business Award’.



Lingotto is a property development company dedicated to transforming existing buildings into ones with a new purpose. With its unique ‘reconstructive approach’, Lingotto seeks tailor-made solutions for buildings in co-creation with the owners and new users. Examples include the Fabriek van Delftshaven, Huygens’ Dok, Kauwgomballenfabriek and De Burgemeester. Eric-Jan de Rooij is involved in the development of A’DAM on behalf of Lingotto.